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I am the Many
We are only One
We stay in the Shadows
I can walk in the Light
I am Corrupted
Together, We are Pure
We are Death
I am Life
I have seen Nothing
We have surveyed All
We have nothing to Fear
Even if I am not Brave
I can Break
We are Steadfast
We know how to Kill
I am able to Love
I am Silent
We can SCREAM!!
We are Loyal
I can Betray
I am Alone
We are a Team
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Jack's Therapy :iconabalala:abalala 0 0
What Does The Poet Fear Most?
What does the poet fear most?
It cannot be death,
   as he writes and ponders much on the subject.
It cannot be a lost love,
   for they will always have the love of words.
It cannot be blindness,
   because it only opens new means to express herself.
So what can it be?
What could this creature truly fear?
Possibly even hate?
Perhaps the answer is silence?
   To look into one's mind,
   ready to create a world with letters,
   only to find...
Poets are not gods,
 as many have expressed.
So to create from silence,
 ought to be impossible.
They can create about the topic,
   but never from such a thing.
We are used to having heads filled,
   words waltzing, sometimes needing to be snatched.
A vast cavern is the poet's mind,
   and never should suc
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A Character :iconabalala:abalala 0 1
The Changing Web
The dull walls flickered with the light from the single fluorescent bulb in the ceiling.  A lone spider, brown from the tips of its legs to the pitch-black in the center, slowly crawled into the space.  Its eyes turned and studied the area, seeming to taken in the challenge ahead.  As if to nod, the spider began its walk over and up the nearest wall.  It reached the ceiling and moved a small ways out before attaching a string of webbing to it and lowering itself down.  Swinging its tiny body, the spider eventually managed to get to the wall again and stick the string to the surface.
Circling the string, the spider studied it carefully.  It took one of its legs and slid it against the webbing, as one might use a bow against a violin.  What emitted were whispers of sound...Of words.  Satisfied with the quality of this string, the spider began to work more, adding more to the first and closing off the entrance.  The sounds of the strings grew i
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Behind the Lies
It has been tough,
I have wanted to cry
In order to get off
This emotional roller coaster ride.
You think I'm scum,
And believe I'm a sham
Sit down with me,
And I'll open your eyes with a bam!
Take a moment and
Ask yourself a question: Why?
Let it get to you then bring it to me
I promise I won't lie.
I'll share it all,
Show you the truth,
You really think that
I could just be so uncouth?
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Never Fall Out
Hate me
Beat me
Burn me
do what you will
I will smile and bear
the pain of it all
I wanted you to leave
to believe I was a
do what you will
I will smile and bear
the pain of it all
You will never understand
which is what is needed
it will be all right..
I promise
do want you will
I will smile and bear
the pain of it all
"You never fall out of
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You have seen me
Felt me
Heard my words
Smelled me
Tasted me...
But you do not know me
My secrets
My lies
My past
My joys
You do not know me
My happiness
My laughter
My smile
My tears
You do not know me
For you were never truly mine...
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The True Sufferer :iconabalala:abalala 3 1
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The Dream Mentor :iconabalala:abalala 1 2
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Elemental Search: Earth :iconabalala:abalala 1 0
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Werewolf in London :iconabalala:abalala 0 1
Atop The World, Still In Hell
He took a last drag before letting the cigarette fall from his lips.  It bounced off the cement and flew downwards.  Looking up, he exhaled, the smoke obscuring the stars twinkling in the sky.  He grinned, remembering a memory only meant for him.  Softly, he began to hum a song, left to him by the past.
From his pocket, he withdrew a picture.  He stared at the face, hoping for it to blink...Do something...Show some sort of life.  When none came, he sighed and slipped it back.  A wind blew from behind, tugging his clothes to take another step.  He raised his foot when he heard it:
     "Love..." He turned his head, knowing this is fake, but wanting to indulge himself.  He saw her.
Hair perfect to him, never so if she had her way.  Small curls at the edges of her mouth, seeming to be a coy, or perhaps an amused smile.  Her eyes glinted in the moonlight, s
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Element Search: Air :iconabalala:abalala 1 1
Element Search
A short man with wild, gray hair hurried to the front of the conference table.  The Board fell silent from its idle chitchat and turned its sight on the newcomer.  He shook with fear, standing among the most powerful men and women the world had known in the last decade.  His fright is obvious in his stammering speech.
"Y-you all h-h-hired me t-t-t-to research a-and find the Te-Te-Temples" One of the Board members coughed and raised an eyebrow towards the man, who shortened his speech to a sputtered,
"H-Here's what wa-wa-was f-found!" He fumbles a remote out of his pocket, and after pressing a few buttons, a large panel of the wall behind him slides away.  A huge flat-screen television, along with speakers and video players, hang perfectly on the wall.  After pressing another button, the lights dim and the screen flickers on.
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Chained Bubbles
The chains are slowly rusting away.
And while scraping seems to help some,
eventually they will break.
And then the balloons will be set to float with the bubbles.
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I'm out of Basic, and in AIT now! I have six months here, before I actually go to a duty station.  Wish me luck, and I'll see about writing something more, if I get the time to.


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